Tuesday, November 18, 2014

5 Day Mandala Workshop

I signed up for this free online 5 day mandala workshop. Today was the first day and it was great. It confirmed one thing for me, I don't care for straight lines. They are ok in a zentangle pattern, but I still prefer curves and circles. I attempted to make a hexagon mandala and hated every second that I was drawing it. I found that really interesting, since in quilts, I love hexagons. I love English paper piecing hexagons and other straight shapes, not so much the curved shapes for quilts, but when it comes to drawing, I find the idea of circles and curves much more satisfying and relaxing. I am having a hard time with things not being perfect in my mandala practice, but I am making sure that I continue to share and hashtag pictures of my mandalas, even when I'm not thrilled with the outcome. The funny thing is, people will comment sometimes how much they like ones that I'm not theta fond of. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is very true when it comes t art and design. Tonight, I am sharing my drawing of playing with circles. I believe it is my 35th mandala. I am really enjoying learning about this and have wanted to learn for a long time now. I have also, finally, learned what zentangles are, due to this challenge. I have seen the books and never knew what they were. This challenge forced me to look at things that are outside my comfort zone. I can't wait to do more and learn more.
circle exercises
circle trinity
Day 33 and 34 of the 100 mandala challenge Looking forward to sharing day 2 of my mandala workshop, Amy

Saturday, November 8, 2014

More Mandalas

I've been pretty good a working on and even completing one mandala a day. I've been playing with zentangles and zentangle inspired art as well as s different mediums. My next goal is to use yarn, cloth, maybe some clay inspired drawings, and maybe even jewelry as mandala inspired art.

Here are my latest mandalas:

Monday, November 3, 2014

Coloring With Markers

This week's theme for 100 mandalas is color. I have been loving working with color and even attempting to shade my mandalas.  This challenge has been so much fun and I am learning so much. I do at least one mandala a day. I usually want to do more, sometimes I give in and sometimes I try to not get to obsessive about it. I know that this is going to continue beyond the 100 mandala challenge.  I want and need more books and supplies. I am starting to realize sewing and paper crafting are to 2 mediums that I really enjoy working with. I love many crafts, but if I had to choose it would be be fiber crafts and I would include paper crafts in this.

I've included a few other mandalas I've been working on. I'm loving black paper, but I need to find markers that I like that give good color and yet have a fine enough points.

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Happy creating!