Monday, November 3, 2014

Coloring With Markers

This week's theme for 100 mandalas is color. I have been loving working with color and even attempting to shade my mandalas.  This challenge has been so much fun and I am learning so much. I do at least one mandala a day. I usually want to do more, sometimes I give in and sometimes I try to not get to obsessive about it. I know that this is going to continue beyond the 100 mandala challenge.  I want and need more books and supplies. I am starting to realize sewing and paper crafting are to 2 mediums that I really enjoy working with. I love many crafts, but if I had to choose it would be be fiber crafts and I would include paper crafts in this.

I've included a few other mandalas I've been working on. I'm loving black paper, but I need to find markers that I like that give good color and yet have a fine enough points.

Check out

Happy creating!

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