Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More Mandalas

I have shocked myself in the fact that I have been keeping up with the 100 mandala challenge. I am on day 13 and have made a mandala pretty much every day. One of my Facebook friends mentioned how this could be my morning meditation. I am so not a morning person and tend to stay in bed as long as I can, so there is not always time for morning meditations or morning mandalas. I am however, seeing the benefit of getting up a little earlier and having a little more time to myself before the kids get up and I hate to get my morning going. That may be the next change in my mandala practice. I have been doing a sugar detox and have definitely notice I have more energy until recently when I started being lax and adding more sugar or sugar like foods in my diet. I think this is something that may affect my mandala practice by me not having enough energy of motivation to complete them. I am back on the sugar detox as I think this may be how I need to live my life. I am hoping that I will continue to have more energy and become a more morning person when I am sleeping better throughout the night and have more energy through the day. I need to start working on a community mandala and get a rock to create a rock mandala which is the theme of this weeks mandala challenge, as well as finish Halloween costumes for my kids. Here are my latest mandalas as well as the start of my Halloween costumes.
Check out my friend Kathryn at http:/collagediva.typepad.com and try your hand at mandalas, zentangles, or just plain old fun doodling. Amy

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